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Use a landmark to tell us where you want your mulch unloaded - i.e., by basketball goal, close to mailbox, adjacent to sidewalk, etc. or better yet, set out a bucket! Most drops are made right where you need it on driveways or hard ground (no on the lawn or back of house deliveries)
Remember the base of the unloaded pile of mulch will be approximately 12 feet wide and will cover more than half of the width of your driveway.

We need approximately 10 feet width clearance and 9 feet height clearance for a driving area and about 13 feet height clearance to raise our dump beds. Take note of utility wires, trees and other obstacles before deciding where you want your mulch unloaded.

If you are taking the day off work to spend in the yard, tell us when you place your order so that we may accommodate you. It is best to have your products delivered the day before. 


For tinted mulches, don’t water plants or beds for 24-48 hours after spreading or spread when rain is in the immediate forecast. Allow it to completely dry at least once.
Hardwood mulches will naturally generate heat due to the microorganisms in the mulch.  If your mulch is either hot to touch or has a distinct ammonia odor, you must let it air out and cool down.  Do not place mulch directly against foliage, annual or perennial plants. Thoroughly water mulch immediately after application. Mulch-Mart Inc. will not be responsible for plant damage due to misapplication of our products.
Tools you might need- scoop or snow shovel, garden rake, pitchfork, wheelbarrow, broom or blower, small whisk broom, small spade,( to tidy up edges), tarp for the driveway, and don’t forget your gloves and most important, your helper.

Mulch coverages vary depending on the coarseness of the mulch, (i.e. Premium will go a lots further than non-premium). Our recommendation is you apply the mulch 2 ½" to 3" deep. Use the Mulch Calculator to help you determine how much mulch you will need. 


Some stone products may contain sand-dirt residue. Clean surface with a hose or let the rain help out.

Common Questions

How much cheaper is it by the yard than in bags?
Significantly, depending on the kind of mulch.

Will mulch provide me with a weed-free garden?
Mulch is designed to retain moisture and nutrients for your plans and trees and limit the amount of weeds. Weeds are caused by airborne pollens.

How often will I need to mulch?
This will depend on what kind of mulch you use and how fresh you like your landscape to look. To keep "bark" mulches looking fresh you will need to mulch once every year since they tend to break down quicker enriching your soil below. Colored mulches may fade so to keep them looking good you may need to top dress them once a year.

What is this mold on top of the mulch?
When we get a hot and humid summer, a fungus sometimes grows on top of the mulch. It looks like a pile of dog droppings. It can easily be clear of by tossing it away with a shovel and spraying a 4 part water and 1 part bleach on the infected ground area. The fungus is not at all harmful, this is just Mother Nature.

How many yards will my truck hold?
Full-size pick-ups will hold approximately 2-3 yards. A small pick-up will hold about 2 cubic yards.

How many bags equal a cubic yard?
13.5 two cubic foot bags or 9 three cubic foot bags are equal to one yard.

Is your mulch treated?
Only our color enhanced mulch is treated with food coloring dyes.

Do you carry rubber mulch?
No. Rubber mulch is harmful to plants, looks artificial, and is very expensive. Research also shows that small amounts of zinc in the rubber will leach into soil over time. In addition, rubber mulch is not as effective as organic choices for weed control and does decompose. Also, because rubber mulch is not non-toxic, it contains a number of metal and organic contaminants with known environmental and/or human health effects.